Sunday, September 28th - Jitney Trail, Pictou


A parent's and son's perspective

Owen was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes when he was 10 months old. I thought that he had his first case of the flu, only it wasn’t the flu, it was ketoacidosis. It was the scariest thing to see him so sick. He lost weight, he couldn’t drink an ounce of water, he was in pain, lethargic and his skin turned blue. His blood turned into poison. The doctors and nurses couldn’t tell me he was Diabetic at that point because at that point it didn’t matter, he was going into a coma. We had to wait to see if the insulin would work. The months prior to Owen being diagnosed I didn’t think anything was wrong, I thought it was just his personality. Little did I know, his pancreas wasn’t working.

Being the mother of a Diabetic child who was so young, completely changed parenthood for me. I remember I often felt envious of other mother’s with their healthy babies. They didn’t have to pack all the extra stuff like glucose monitor’s, strips, lancets, syringes, alcohol swabs, charts and juice, snacks and glucagons. They didn’t have to count carbs, or give their children needles to keep them alive. 

Seeing Owen grow as a toddler is absolutely amazing. He is the healthiest boy. He plays baseball, loves soccer, and trucks or anything with 4 wheels. He is so smart, able to check his own sugar at the age of 3 and can tell when his sugars are low or high. He has been on an insulin pump for almost 2 years now. He loves his pump. It’s a part of him, like his hair or feet

Diabetes has affected Owen the most. He needs insulin every time he eats, every time his sugar is too high, he needs juice when he is too low. Owen is the one who has to live with symptoms of highs and lows. His life revolves around food. 

As a single parent, Owen’s life is literally in my hands, and mine alone. If I could change one thing in my life I’d want my little boys pancreas to work again. Living with Diabetes has and will continue to make us both strong and motivated. 

Most of the time Diabetes is manageable, you get used to all the extra care involved, but there are those times when I break down and cry and wish more than anything we could find a cure.

Registration Run opens at 8:00 am Start time 9:30 am

Community Walk begins at 11:00 am

5 Km and 10 km fun runs
Registration and after-party at "Old Pressroom Pub" Water Street, Pictou