Sunday, September 28th - Jitney Trail, Pictou


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A Campaign of Historic Proportions and Historic Opportunity       

JDRF’s new billion-dollar global campaign, “From Research to Reality: The Campaign to Accelerate the Cure for Diabetes,” is intended to do just that: step up the transformation of research into treatments and interventions that can soon benefit people with type 1 diabetes. Focusing on JDRF’s six cure therapeutic paths, this groundbreaking campaign offers you a rare chance to participate in this decisive process. Your support means helping us pay for the development of innovative therapies. It means funding the research that will culminate in a cure for diabetes. The sense of urgency is clear, yet it comes with the hope that we are nearing our goal. At JDRF “dedicated to finding a cure” is not just a motto—it’s a call to action.

We invite you to join us on this path. For more details, read the JDRF “From Research to Reality” Case Statement.

You may also be interested in reading Pacesetters, JDRF's Major Donor newsletter, which acknowledges some of the individuals helping us to achieve our goal.

For additional pledge forms or info contact
Crystal at 485-1965

Registration Run opens at 8:00 am Start time 9:30 am

Community Walk begins at 11:00 am

5 Km and 10 km fun runs
Registration and after-party at "Old Pressroom Pub" Water Street, Pictou